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What is My Will?

What is My Will?
Part 3

The will has a very strong influence upon any decision that a person makes.  Your will is your WISH, your DESIRE, what you  WANT, your DETERMINATION.  Think of it as a very tiny fish.  Think about feeding that tiny fish and spending time with it.  After awhile, the tiny "wish" fish becomes a bigger and bigger "want" fish.  If you keep on feeding it by thinking about it more and more, eventually it will become a WHALE size DETERMINATION!  So, it is important that we choose carefully about which "wish fish" we feed and which ones we choose to leave alone.  Even the smallest "wish fish" can grow into whale size determination.  It is very important for us to realize which wish fish are safe to feed and which ones could grow up into dangerous desires.

Here are some questions to think about.  What makes a wish grow into a want, and finally into determination?  In other words, what does the fish food represent?

Some of our "wish" fish need to be fed.  For example:  "Mom looks so tired.  I wish I could help her."  What other "wish" fish thoughts can you think of that should be fed?

Some of our "wish" fish need to be starved!  For example:  "I wish I could get even!  I am so mad and I'd surely like to show them who's best!"  What other examples of "wish" fish can you think of that should be starved?

In the Bible, there are stories about people who showed great determination to do right.  Daniel and his three friends are a good example of young people who used their "will" to make right choices.  Instead of choosing the unhealthy food that the king provided, they asked for fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.  To the royal court, these were considered plain food, more fit for paupers than anyone in the king's household.  But Daniel and his friends used their wills to help them stay strong and make choices according to what they believed was right.  They ended up being healthier and stronger than all the other young men in the king's care.  Their superior health and performance was a natural result or consequence of taking care of their bodies by good nutrition, rest, exercise, water, and sunshine.  They discovered that by following God's natural laws they reaped great benefits because God's laws make sense.  This experience helped them to realize that  God doesn't say things like "you better take care of your bodies or I will be angry with you".  Instead they learned that God says things like "please take care of your bodies, or they won't work as well for you as they could."  God doesn't impose His will on us, forcing it to become our will.  Instead, he loves us and gently shows us the best way.  He gives us the power of choice.  We can use our will in any way we choose.  But by making wise decisions about how we will use our will, we can reap results as good as those experienced by Daniel and his three friends.

There are other stories that you can read about in the Bible that show of WHALE SIZE determination to do right!  You can read some of these stories here (click on link):

The Fiery Furnace

The Lion's Den

Good Kings Joash and Josiah

In Psalm 40:8 it says "I delight to do thy will, O my God. . .your law is within my heart."  Why will I enjoy following God's advice for me?  The "law in my heart" means that I agree with God.  In the highest sense of freedom available to anyone, I choose to do what He asks because I understand that it is the best for me.  It makes sense to do it.  Why would I want to choose any other way?

The Bible also says, in Philippians 4:8, that "Whatsoever things are true and honorable and right. . .think of things."  This verse of scripture is suggesting some good "wish fish" that we should feed.  How can this verse help you decide which are the good fish that are safe to feed?

My WILL is the part of me that DECIDES "I will" or "I will not".  Our determination to do or have something usually starts with a wish that grows when we feed it by spending time thinking about it.

In or next lesson we will learn about determination. 

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