Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Freedom to Learn

Adults believe that freedom is an inherent right. At the same time, some adults believe that they are the keepers of their children and should be able to control them and tell them exactly what to do. There may be some merit in that way of thinking, but for children to grow and thrive, they need some degree of freedom and flexibility as well. This allows them to grow naturally and achieve much. The Moore Formula approach to learning teaches that within parental guidance and love, giving children the freedom to follow their creative instincts in work, study, and play allows them to find their own inventive genius! And that no one knows better than the teacher-parent where a child’s natural curiosity leads and what their interests are. Taking this journey of exploration together, as parent and child, is an opportunity that when implemented will be one that will be without regret. 

For more on this subject: Home School Burnout, Raymond and Dorothy Moore – Chapter 1

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