Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Three Questions of Decision Making

The Three Questions of Decision Making
Part 7

There are three questions to ask before making a decision.  They are:

1)  Do I have all the facts?  [Reason]
2)  Is it right? [Conscience]
3)  Do I really want it? [Will]

By remembering to ask these three simple questions, we can make wiser decisions.  If you can ask YES to each question, you know that you are making the right decision.  But if the answer to any of these questions is NO, then the wisest answer is probably no.  

Sometimes WILL is called HEART'S DESIRE.  It might be easier to remember the steps in the decision making process if you associate those words with your decision making process.

With your student, spend some time thinking of decisions that children (or teens) make on a frequent basis.  Start by making a list of decisions.  Then, together go through the decision making process using the questions above.  Remind the student that if there is a conflict, then the decision response should be NO.  Discuss why.

Here are some decision making situations to help you and your child get started:

1)  Buy the new computer game that all my friends are talking about.

2)  Wait to feed my pets until afternoon.

3)  Talk back to my piano teacher because I think she is too strict about how long I need to practice.

Continue practicing until you are confident that your child/teen has a clear understanding of how to apply these principles.  Review daily if necessary.

Remember, CONFLICT between the three questions related to REASON, CONSCIENCE, and WILL/HEART'S DESIRE is a RED FLAG in the decision making process.  CONSENSUS is necessary when making a decision that is wise.

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