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Determination & Decision Making

Determination & Decision Making
Part 4

Discussion starter:  Think about any recent decisions you have made.  Recall how you fed (or starved) your "wish fish".  Talk about the wisdom or foolishness of your choice to feed (or starve) this particular wish fish.  What were the advantages and/or consequences of your decision.  Talk about what might have been if you had not fed (or starved) your fish.  Children and teacher-parent can each share the answers to these questions and talk about the choices that were made.

Lesson Review:  We have learned about our "will" and that it is the part of us that decides things.  We choose "I will" or "I will not".  Our determination do or have something usually starts with a wish that grows when we feed it by spending time thinking about it.  We want to FEED the good little "wish fish" so that they will grow into a DETERMINATION to do right.  But we want to STARVE the "wish fish" that could grow up into dangerous desires.  

Let's learn more about how we feed or starve these wish fish.  In each situation below, tell if the "wish fish" is being FED or STARVED. 

1)  think about it all the time

2)  daydream about it

3)  keep our minds busy thinking about a better kind of fish

4)  pray for it

5)  spend time wishing and hoping for it

6)  talk about something else with our friends

7)  crowd it out of our minds

8)  read books about it

9)  concentrate on something good instead  

What kind of person do you want to be?  Have you spent time thinking about it?  How do you want to act?  In each situation below, choose the word or words that DESCRIBE your DETERMINATION.  Talk about your answers.

A)  I will/will not play fair.

Talking points:  Name some benefits of playing fair.  Name some disadvantages of cheating.  Are there any disadvantages to playing fair?  Are there any real advantages to cheating?

B)  I will/will not sulk and pout.

Talking points:  Do you admire someone who sulks and pouts when they don't get everything they want?

C)  I will/will not care for my pets.

Talking points:  Can you learn anything from caring for your pets?  What specifically?

D)  I will/will not respect authority.

Talking points:  Who does this mean for a one-year-old?  Who does this mean for you?  Who can you add to the one-year-old's list?  Is this evidence that you are growing up?  Is there anyone on your parents' list that is not on your list yet?

Key words:  parents, grandparents, teachers, police, babysitter, employer  

E)  I will/will not do my chores cheerfully.

Talking points:  Have you ever done your chores cheerfully?  Have you ever grumbled your way through them?  Which way is best for you?  Why?

F)  I will/will not try to get even.

Talking points:  Can you ever REALLY "get even"?  How?  What price might you pay if you TRY to "get even"?  

Key scripture helps (click on link):  Exodus 21:23 - 25 * Matthew 5:39 * Luke 6:29 * Leviticus 19:18 * Romans 12:19 - 20

Continue your discussion in the same manner as you did for the previous key points.

G)  I will/will not forgive you.

H)  I will/will not say "NO!" to drugs.

I)  I will/will not take God's advice.

J)  I will/will not share with you.

K)  I will/will not stir up trouble.

L)  I will/will not cheat so I can win.

M)  I will/will not remind you of your past mistakes.

N)  I will/will not help you.

O.)  I will/will not make fun of others.

P.)  I will/will not hurt God's animals.

Q.)  I will/will not take foolish dares.

Something to think about:  The choices we make determine who we are.  Describe a person that you think would make a good neighbor.  Ask yourself if YOU are the kind of person that angels would be glad to see move into the house next door.  

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