Friday, March 25, 2011

My Conscience

My Conscience
Lesson 5

We have been studying about the "will".  We have learned what it is and what it does.  To review, let's read the following statements and decide if they are true or false.

My WILL is:

1)  something I need to understand (and it is quite simple to comprehend)

2)  not really important for me to understand

3)  something that is very difficult for any young person to understand

4)  something I have no control over

5)  my wish, even a tiny one, because my smallest wish can grow into whale size determination if I spend enough time wishing, hoping, dreaming, wanting, or even praying for it, as thinking about it feeds it

6)  my want, or my desire

7)  my firm determination

8)  the part of me that decides "I will" or "I will not"

Today we are going to learn about the HELPER that our WILL has.  It helps us decide what we WILL do and what we WILL NOT do.

This helper is called our CONSCIENCE.

Our verse for this lesson is:  Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.  Psalm 119:1  

By studying the WHOLE Bible we experience the safest way to train our conscience.

My CONSCIENCE is what I THINK is right and wrong.  It is my UNDERSTANDING of good and evil.  A person's CONSCIENCE must be TRAINED to tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong.  Someone must TEACH it about good and evil.

Which of these people or things can teach you and train YOUR CONSCIENCE?  Discuss your answers with your parent(s).  Explain your answers.  Remember, some of these people or things are reliable and trustworthy.  There are others that we must be careful about what we learn from them.  Discernment must be used.

1)  my mother

2)  my father

3)  my older brothers or sisters

4)  the radio station I select

5)  the books I read

6)  the television programs I watch

7)  the stories I read in magazines

8)  the pictures I choose to see

9)  the games I like to play

10) my grandparents

11) my aunts and uncles

12) my babysitter

13) my pastor

14) the friends I choose

15) people I admire

16) my Bible

17) my favorite daydreams

All of these people or things can teach you the truth about what is right or wrong.  But, it is important to realize that you must be careful who and what you trust to do this important job.  Thankfully, God will never fail you and His word, the Bible, is trustworthy.  

In your own words, tell what CONSCIENCE is and tell HOW you develop it.

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