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Keeping Moods and Feelings in their Proper Place

Keeping Moods and Feeling in their Proper Place
Part 8

Learning the process of decision making is a valuable part of character development.  Right decisions put us on the road to a happy and productive life.  Wrong decisions hinder our process in growing into productive citizens and becoming individuals with integrity.  

We have learned that there are three aspects to decision making.  CONSCIENCE is my understanding of RIGHT and WRONG.  We have learned that it must be trained.  This happens through the teaching of wise parents and role models and by God's HOLY BIBLE.  WILL is the part of me that DECIDES "I will" or "I will not".  Sometimes WILL is called HEART'S DESIRE.  And my REASON asks "What are the facts?" and "Would it make good sense to do it?".  

There is another factor that people sometimes use to make decisions, but this factor really should not be considered.  Unfortunately, some people use this as their main reason for making a decision and they ignore the WILL, REASON, and CONSCIENCE.  Our feelings must be kept on the sidelines or they can really get in the way and keep us from making wise decisions.  Have you heard the saying that FEELINGS are FICKLE?  FEELINGS are a part of who we are.  God created us with FEELINGS, but He didn't intend that FEELINGS control how we make decisions.  FEELINGS serve other purposes in our lives.  

Your FEELINGS and MOODS are my REACTIONS to things and people around you.  Decisions should never be based upon REACTIONS.  Some FEELINGS you may have are happy, sad, angry, grumpy, extravagant, lazy, and so on.  It is important to ask yourself these questions:

Do my moods and feelings control me?

Am I a slave to my moods and feelings or am I free?

Use the questions below to help you determine if you use your moods as an excuse for your behavior.  In each situation, tell which mood is being given attention (happy, sad, angry, grumpy, extravagant, lazy).

1)  I know I can't really afford it, but I just had to have it!

2)  It's no use (sniff) because things will really never get any better (sob, sigh).

3)  I will teach you!  (WHAM!)

4)  I was so mad at him, I hit him without thinking.

5)  No, you can't make me.  I don't want to.  That won't help.  Leave me alone.  Go away.

6)  I know it needs to be done, but I'm just not in the mood to do anything.  Maybe tomorrow.

What other feelings or moods can you think of that can be added to the list?

Can you think of any feelings or moods that might not get in the way of making a wise decision?  (There are two:  happy moody and cheerful moody).  Why do you think these two would not get in the way?

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