Friday, March 25, 2011

Reason's Role in Decision Making

Reason's Role in Decision Making
Lesson 6

Throughout these lessons, we have learned that teaching children about decision making is a process.  Helping them learn the steps in making  good decision assists them in the process of making wise decisions throughout their lifetime.  Having a decision making road map is a tool that valuable resource for them.  Today's lesson teaches about the role that REASON has in decision making.
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Talking Points:

My WILL has another helper called REASON.  My REASON is the special gift that God gave to me so that I am able to THINK THINGS THROUGH before my WILL decides whether I WILL or I WILL NOT do something.  

My REASON uses FACTS.  It weighs EVIDENCE.  It tries to put all the pieces together like a picture puzzle and to MAKE SENSE out of everything.  

Your brain works in the same way to make wise decisions.  Your WILL has a helper called REASON.  REASON uses FACTS and weighs EVIDENCE.  It is what helps you MAKE SENSE out of everything.

Here is an example of how it works:

FACT:  I know that it isn't any fun at all to be sick or to have problems with my teeth.

FACT:  Besides being uncomfortable, going to a doctor or dentist costs a lot of money.  This money could be spent on other things like clothes, toys, or interesting books.  If I take good care of my teeth that money could be spent on these things.

FACT:  I know that eating lots of junk food can cause some serious problems with my general health, including my teeth.

FACT:  I know that there are some snacks that taste good and are also good for me.  God has created lots of different kinds of fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables that are delicious!  They are much better for my health and teeth than junk food snacks.

My REASON weighs the evidence and then answers the question:

Does it MAKE SENSE to eat a lot of junk food just because it tastes good?  This part of decision making relies upon the INTELLECT.

When DECISION MAKING, WILL and CONSCIENCE play a role along with REASON.  

My CONSCIENCE tells me whether it thinks it would be RIGHT or WRONG.

Even with REASON and CONSCIENCE, my WILL is still free to decide I WILL or I WILL NOT eat the junk food.  If WILL does not ignore REASON and CONSCIENCE it will make a good choice.  But, WILL can ignore its two helpers and make poor choices.  

God created every person with the freedom to make CHOICES about how they will live their lives.  Do you like being so FREE?  This God-given freedom allows each human being to decide what they will do when it comes to making any decision.

Doesn't it make sense to keep WILL, CONSCIENCE, and REASON together in agreement?

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