Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stories with Words & Pictures

Do you remember stories like these? I used to love them as a child!
This one came from a children's magazine that was given out at church each week and is from when my mother was a little girl. I remember sitting on my daddy's lap while he read the words and I read the pictures. I felt so grown up; I could actually read! Of course I was much to young, but felt so grown up. This story teaches a character lesson mixed in with the adventures of Sally and Billy. 

Children can create their own picture stories. It's a great way to teach writing skills. Using words and pictures a story can be told and the process will engage the child from beginning to end. Stickers, rubber stamps, or small, cut-out pictures from magazines can be used as the picture part of any story. Just make it fun and creative!

I do not think that all the words used in this story are necessarily wise words to use in these times. Although said with endearment, describing the little girls as "fat" is not considered appropriate now as it must have been in the 1940's. Talking about the wisdom of words used to describe something and the feelings they evoke would be something good to talk about with your child. Not only can this story be used to teach creative writing, but it can be helpful in teaching kindness and in choosing words.

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