Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Learning Manners

Teaching manners is important.  Children and youth are generally quite agreeable to learning how to behave graciously when the principles are taught in a positive and interesting way.  Practice makes perfect.  Over time, lessons learned will reap great results!
One fun way for young children to learn manners is to sing about them.  Here’s a song your children might enjoy.  Sing it to the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down”.
Table manners, thank you notes,
Shaking hands, happy host,
Looking at the person’s eyes:
I am learning!

Treating others graciously,
Being kind, thankfulness,
Representing Jesus well:
I am learning!

Leaving others’ special things
All alone: not a touch;
Our family’s rules where’er I go:
I am learning!

Chewing with my mouth all closed;
Tiny bites, shouting:  No!
Eating in the proper way:
I am learning!

“Please” and “Thank You” all the time,
Never rude; fighting:  Why?
Living by “The Golden Rule”:
I am learning!

You can read more about teaching manners to children here.

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  1. Love this song! I have never heard of it before--thank you for sharing!