Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lessons from the Animals

Animals are an essential part of the homeschool! The interactions a child has with animals can teach many things: responsibility, compassion, nurture, and care. The bond between animal and child can be very strong. It provides an opportunity for character development as well as the study of God's creation.

We've been 'ferret-sitting' for Levi while he went on a camping trip with his mom and dad. Alice and Sid were exciting guests! When in their cages, they look and act so serene, sleeping in their hammocks or cuddling in their pocket-beds. But, once their cage doors are opened, they are energy PLUS! They scamper, romp, and attack imaginary enemies! Corners, crevices, and far-away places are favorites of theirs! Sid got into the sub-woofer of one of our computer speakers! He'd crawled into a funnel-shaped hole and we weren't sure he could get back out again. But, some gentle coaxing resulted in an innocent face eventually poking out of the hole and the energetic furry ensued again once he was out. Both ferrets love to attack feet! It was a funny sight to see the young adults in our home sitting on chairs with their feet tucked under them or perched on a countertop!

Do you have animals as a part of your homeschool?

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