Monday, May 19, 2014

A Student's Math Worksheet

On the inside cabinet door in our study area I’ve taped up bits and pieces of information that have inspired me throughout our homeschool years.  Poetry, an encouraging note, a verse from scripture, drawings the children made, and photos of special activities all take up this space.  This is one poem that found its way inside our cupboard door:
A Student’s Math Worksheet

  • This school year is like a Math worksheet
  • The Master has handed to you.
  • The four basic functions are needed,
  • In the work you are given to do.

  • Some problems require addition
  • Of diligence, virtue, and faith.
  • And some of them call for subtraction
  • Of laziness, carelessness, hate.

  • For choosing the right in decisions,
  • Division you’ll need to employ.
  • Make good use of multiplication,
  • With cheerfulness, kindness, and joy.

  • Check over your work and be accurate;
  • Small errors affect the whole sheet.
  • And guard against streaks of indifference,
  • Or splotches of ugly conceit.

  • What note do you think will the Master
  • Inscribe when the school year is gone;
  • On your sheet:  ”Unsatisfactory”,
  • Or will He write, “Very Well Done”?
Author Unknown

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