Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recipe for Homeschool Teaching

Recipe for Homeschool Teaching

The requirements are not complex.

Parents need only be loving, responsive, and reasonably consistent, and salt these qualities with a little imagination, common sense, and willingness to follow a few simple suggestions.

Don't worry about the opinions of neighbors who don't know or care about the real needs of children.  Just be kind to them.

Have your children be helpful in your home and in the neighborhood.  Visit the old and infirm and ill.  Do favors for others without asking any in return.

Teach all your waking moments, as models to your offspring.

Work with your children doing physical tasks.  Teach them practical skills and the nobility of work.  By precept and example, teach manners and social graces.

Use academic materials from excellent sources, teaching formally two or three hours a day.

Apply the golden rule.  Remember that home is its finest nest.  It is the person who understands this well who is the most able creator of a family school.

~ Formula from Dr. Raymond Moore in Home-Spun Schools ~
~ Photo:  Katie ~

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