Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Growing Children Naturally

It is natural for parents to want the best for a child.  So many resources are available which can help them grow and develop.  Opportunities range from classes in baby gymnastics, to early childhood music lessons, and instruction in how to teach your baby to read.  Although intentions are good, sometimes efforts to provide the best for a child are counterproductive.  Children grow naturally, and a parent who is in tune with their child and their individual pace and abilities will find a rhythm in instruction that best understands what the child needs.  Pushing too fast or in an unnatural way can cause frustration, stress, and missed developmental opportunities.  Thelma Beem in The Dignity of a Child states that forced growth is seldom beneficial to plant or animal.  Natural development is beautiful at every stage of the process.  Children are no exception to this law of growth.  The book, Education, speaks of this concept as well.  "Children should not be forced into a precocious maturity, but as long as possible should retain the freshness and grace of their early years.  The more quiet and simple the life of a child, the more free from artificial excitement and the more in harmony with nature, the more favorable it is to physical and mental vigor and to spiritual strength."  Children are only children once.  Give time time to savor the precious years of childhood, allowing for learning through life around them.  Through daily work, service to others, walks in nature, innocent play, and lessons by a parent's side, children can experience the full benefit of natural growth.  This natural growth will help them excel in all areas of development.

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