Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cupboard Door Learning

Alice Chapin has written a book filled with creative ways to stimulate interest in Bible study.  She includes many encouraging and practical suggestions for creating a nurturing home environment.  Many of her ideas teach not only Biblical truths, but encompass daily life and learning.  Here's one of her ideas that can help encourage learning on all levels.

"Keep a constant round of new things posted on the cupboard or refrigerator door.  Quotes from the Bible or well-known Christian leaders human interest items, and cartoons all work well.  As long as you keep changing them, your family will keep noticing." 

Great idea!  Post it notes and a marker, magnetized letters used to create words, or letters and words cut out of a magazine and glued onto construction paper to express a thought can provide colorful, attention capturing verses and quotes that will help you to instruct and teach.  Spark an interest by using words posted in strategic places throughout your home.

*Building your Child's Faith by Alice Chapin

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