Friday, April 29, 2011

Ten Commandments for Mothers

Thou shalt know that God selected these children for you, and you for them, for a special reason.
Thou shalt remember how to be a child again--laugh, play, sing, dance, pretend. 

Thou shalt not worry about messy faces and places. 

Thou shalt pray daily for patience, energy and strength. 

Thou shalt affirm thy children's feelings, but be firm with their behavior. 

Thou shalt instill in them respect for you, themselves and others.

Thou shalt give thy children roots -- grounding them in faith and tradition. 

Thou shalt give thy children wings -- teaching them how to fly on their own. 

Thou shalt show and tell them you love them every day. 

Thou shalt entrust them into the Father's hands.

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