Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moore on Home Education

One of my favorite books on the subject of home education is Home Grown Kids, written by the grandfather of homeschooling in America, Dr. Raymond Moore.  In it he shares a way of thinking that was radical when he wrote the book thirty-some years ago!  Homeschooling, now considered a "right", was a "privilege" that was hard earned in its early stages.  He encouraged parents to embrace the right and responsibility of homeschooling.  Here's a quote from his book that reinforces this concept.

"No schoolroom can match the simplicity and power of the home in providing three-dimensional, firsthand education. The school, not the home, is the substitute, and its highest function is to complement the family. The family is still the social base, and must be, if our society is to survive. Let's leave no stone unturned to guarantee the fullest freedom of the home and the rights of parents to determine the education of their children."

Dr. Raymond Moore
Home Grown Kids page 26

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