Friday, April 22, 2011

Taking Time for Make-Believe

This morning I read a most interesting comment about women and stress. So often we feel that we need to be diligent, busy, productive, and with it! We do, but we also need to take time to feed our soul's: to relax in God's word and to spend time in just 'being'. In the book "Women and Stress", Jean Lush makes this statment that is worth contemplating:

"Take time for make-believe. Abandon yourself in play. I think God gives us an imagination for a reason. Christ knows the pressures we endure. Perhaps this is one reason He encourages us to become "as little children."

As a homeschool parent, it is sometimes very difficult to allow ourself time to step away from the many duties and responsibilities of being a keeper of the home, a home educator, and one who ministers to her community as well.  Although these are important duties, this quote encourages us to encompass more than just our responsibilities.  Yes, life is serious.  But we must also model joy, vibrancy, and play.  

So, what can you to today to create some "play" in your life? Is it time for a dress up tea party with your son or daughter? Or how about an hour at your sewing machine, creating something from your fabric stash that defies sensibility  Is it time to take a break from serious schoolwork and produce a skit or play with your children?  How about taking the week off from regular school to write a book with your child?  Use your imaginations together and write as they dictate.  Whatever it is you find to do, enjoy it with all your heart!  I think you'll be glad you did.

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