Friday, April 1, 2011

Service: From Shoeboxes to DVD's

Service to others is a vital part of a child's education when striving to help them develop into an individual who is compassionate and cares for others.  Thoughtfulness and concern are principles that must be taught.  Work, study, and service are three key components in educating the whole child.

Finding service projects for children can be challenging.  Sometimes it isn't possible to go into the community on a frequent basis or to take a mission trip to a foreign land.  But, simple, small projects can be accomplished routinely from home.  By scheduling time into each day to work on simple service projects helps keep the principles of service foremost.  

Ideas for service projects have been shared here before.  Ideas range from making shoeboxes filled with toiletry, craft, and healthy snacks to send to children in need; making tray favors for food trays in a hospital or nursing home; or making scripture books out of photo albums, filling them with nature pictures and copies of favorite Bible verses.  Older students enjoy using technical skills to serve others.  In the photo (above) Matthew and Rylan are creating a multi-media presentation to be used in churches to raise funds for new schools for children in India. In light of current events, children trained in service might want to do something to help others who have been involved in a natural disaster like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Humanitarian agencies, like ADRA, provide disaster relief and are first responders when an event occurs.  They do an excellent job of reaching out to children as well, assisting in giving ideas and opportunity to help others.  They have a free ADRA "Do Something Kit" which is an opportunity to put kids into action.  It's filled with fun activities that kids can do with their parents to get into the action of service.  It's free to download and includes instructions for becoming an ADRA Ambassador.  Also available is an ADRA for Kids website.  It's filled with stories, games, coloring sheets, and more.  

Enjoy the opportunity of assisting your child to learn the JOY of SERVICE!  You won't be disappointed.

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