Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cooking up Math & Science Concepts

Cooking experiences are a great way to teach math and science concepts. Quantity, temperature, time, size, and shape can all be taught and reinforced during food preparation. Here are some terms to assist the teacher-parent as they teach their child these concepts.

  • QUANTITY:  degrees, package, pint, a few, dozen, tablespoon, both, cupful, quart, square, less, long, some, pound, a dash, enough, pinch, double, slice, approximate, short, more, ounce, teaspoon, whole, cup, half, bunch
  • TEMPERATURE:  hot, degrees, chill, cold, heat, lukewarm, cool, preheat, frozen, warm, boiling, steaming
  • TIME:  instant, gradually, timer, overnight, slowly, alternately, next day, hour, second, minute, a little while, quickly
  • SIZE:  large, huge, small, miniature, little, bite-size, tiny, chunks
  • SHAPE:  round, cube, square, rectangle, circle, oval, oblong, fluted

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