Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School Store Sticker Options for Week 1

In review, the school store activity is for extracurricular or supplemental learning. It is in addition to "core" subjects that are taught each day by the teacher-parent. Each activity is designed to be self-guided. Each week the teacher-parent will post a list of tasks and activities that can be completed to earn stickers. The teacher-parent can assign specific things that need done or the student can choose an assigned amount from the list. 

The student should always be encouraged to do more than the minimum. Sometimes the student will have an idea that he or she would like to do to earn a sticker. That is great! 

But be sure the student knows that they must receive approval for all projects by teacher-mom or dad first in order to receive a sticker.

Below is a list for the first week of activities that our children did in the school store project. You should adjust your list to the abilities, needs, and ages of your own children. The list below was designed for kindergarten and lower elementary grade students. This list should be printed and laminated for easy use. An of course your list should be designed to meet the needs of your specific children. Place in a notebook or on a clip-board where the child can find it with ease. 

List Week #1

_____ 1) Walk laps around the front yard, outside the tree line where you will receive maximum exercise. One sticker per lap; maximum 20.

_____ 2) Weed the flower bed beside the well-house. Prepare it for planting using your hand rake and trowel. Worth 2 stickers.

_____ 3) Pull the weeds in the bark beds on each side of the back porch. Two stickers per side.

_____ 4) Watch an approved animal program on PBS. After the program is over, tell teacher-mom five (5) things you learned or that you thought were especially interesting about the program.  Worth one sticker.

_____ 5) Watch a Moody Science DVD on a nature subject. After watching a complete program, write the following information on a piece of paper (or type on the computer):  a) subject of the DVD, b) three complete sentences, each telling of something from the DVD. Worth 2 stickers.

_____ 6) Draw a memory verse from the memory verse jar and memorize it.  Then repeat it (without help) to teacher-mom or dad and receive 3 stickers.

_____ 7) Surprise dad! Clean the area around his workbench in the shop.  For this service project receive 2 stickers.

_____ 8 ) Bake cookies and put them in a package that you decorate. Ask Dad to drop them off at Mrs. Smith's house on his way to work tomorrow. For cheering up a shut-in you receive 5 stickers.

_____ 9) If you make a nice card and add a note that says "thinking of you" to go with Mrs. Smith's cookies, receive 2 more stickers.

____10) Make a memory verse book using nature pictures from the picture box. Find and write a memory verse to go with each nature picture. Take your book to children's story hour at the migrant camp on Saturday afternoon. Receive 5 stickers.

____ 11) Go on a nature walk at the wildlife refuge next door. Take a notebook with you and record the things you see that God has made. Use words and pictures to record your findings. A careful observation list merits 3 stickers.

____ 12) Learn your multiplication tables through the five's. Repeat them from memory to teacher-mom or dad. Worth 3 stickers.  (Younger sibling can do addition or subtraction instead).

____ 13) Play the game "Sentence Game for Juniors" with your sibling. At the completion of the game you will be rewarded with one sticker.

____ 14) Practice making baskets on the basketball court. Earn one sticker for every 10 baskets you make (limited to three stickers per day).

____ 15) Take turns leading your sibling in exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, running in place, and more. Earn one sticker for every 15 minutes of exercise.

____ 16) Pretend you are a teacher. Teach your younger sibling a math lesson.  Concentrate on the 100's family chart. Worth one sticker for every 15 minutes you spend teaching. (If you are the younger sibling, receive on sticker for every 15 minutes spent learning).

____ 17) Play the game "You Can Read" using the phonics card game set. Teach your younger sibling the words and what they mean. Worth 1 sticker for every 15 minutes spent playing. (If you are the younger sibling, receive one sticker for every 15 minutes spent playing).

____ 18) Write a letter or draw a picture and send it to Grandmother. After you have it in an envelope and it is properly addressed and stamped, you will be given one sticker.

____ 19) Learn how to do origami paper folding. Find a site online that teaches you how to fold something or use the origami paper kit that we bought at the craft store. Every correctly and neatly folded project earns one sticker.

____ 20) Use your kids cookbook and bake a loaf of mini-bread. Clean up the kitchen afterwards. Worth 4 stickers for a completed project and clean kitchen.

Enjoy a very great week! Keep up the enthusiasm and good work.  You are doing a great job! If you would like to earn stickers by doing something that isn't on this list, tell teacher-mom your idea and receive her approval to do it.  

Tomorrow suggested activities for week 2 will be posted.  We'll see you then!

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