Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Crayon Apron

Did you ever have a crayon apron?  They were popular in the 60's as a sweet apron for children.  My mother made one for me and one for my sister.  I remember how special we felt wearing our very utilitarian, yet very pretty aprons.  There was a narrow pocket for each crayon in our coloring set.  A larger pocket would hold a notepad, scissors, a roll of tape, and some paste for gluing.  Sister and I would fill our pockets and then spend hours creating art projects or pretending we were school teachers.  The apron show in these pictures are not of our aprons, but rather of a vintage one I purchased recently.  Mother made ours out of a tiny floral print.  If there was any embellishment, it would have been embroidery or something done in fabric paints.  I was excited to find this vintage children’s crayon apron.  It’s exactly the same design as the one Mother made for me, just in different fabrics.  This was truly an apron that inspired imagination!  They are easy to make, fun to wear, and inspire creativity in children.  No pattern is needed, just invent as you go and have fun.  Your kids will thank you!  Better yet, let them help you!

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