Sunday, January 9, 2011

Creating Work Opportunities for Teens

Gainful employment and business opportunities for teens are not as difficult to implement as it is for elementary age children.  The key to success in this area is to encourage the teen to find something to do that follows their own natural interest and ability.   Encouraging teens to develop skills that they have or would like to develop is key.  That, along with the spending money that gainful work provides, works as interest and incentive for the teen. 

Some ideas for youth employment and business opportunities are:

1.  babysitting and child care

2. housekeeping or assistance with spring-cleaning

3. growing flowers and selling bouquets

4. building customer computers and selling them

5. working as a computer tech, fixing problems and reformatting computers

6. growing produce and selling at a fruit stand or Farmer’s Market

7.  making products to sell like jams, jellies, bread, cookies, cakes

8.  catering meals for an event like a wedding or family reunion

9.  mowing, weeding, planting yard care business

10. ironing and doing custom laundry

11. doing car detailing and washing

12. tutoring young children; being a homework helper

13. bagging groceries at a supermarket

14. working in a fast food restaurant 

15.  caretaking of the elderly

16.  becoming a personal shopper, for groceries or other items

17.  gathering firewood and selling it

18.  painting rooms, houses, or furniture

19.  repairing cars or lawn mowers

20. sewing things and selling them

Sometimes work can be especially "fun".  The teen in this picture is modeling for a jet boat promotion and brochure.  Although something might look like recreation, it can also be gainful work.

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