Monday, January 17, 2011

Work, an Educational Tool

After studying how God used work as a natural method of teaching the children of the Old Testament many things, I started reviewing how this educational technique could be used as a method in a successful homeschool.  Teaching a child how to work cheerfully and accomplish tasks successfully is as important as teaching them to use their minds.  These concepts, together with service to others, create a child that is well-adjusted and able to not only function in society, but to thrive!  Jesus said that his Father worked, therefore He worked as well [John 5:17].  Since He is to be our example, it makes sense that productive work be incorporated as a part of every home schooled child’s day.

Home educated children can participate in two general types of work:  useful and gainful.  Useful work is an action that supports the well-being of self and of others in the home.  It includes the daily tasks that make a home function well and create an inviting place to spend time.   On the other hand, gainful employment relates to the marketplace and earning an income.  This term refers to a first job, like delivering newspapers, to a career in adulthood.  Both types of work are beneficial to the homeschooled child when used age appropriately.

In future posts, both types of work and how they relate to educating the whole child will be explored.

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