Thursday, November 18, 2010


Thanksgiving is only a day away! Suddenly it’s the topic of conversation amongst friends and acquaintances. The beauty shop was buzzing with ‘food talk’ this week. Everyone was sharing what they were planning on making or serving for Thanksgiving dinner. It seems that left-overs and stuffing got the ‘most popular’ vote. I enjoyed hearing about family tradition and favorite foods, and how each family has their own way of implementing this popular holiday. It’s a time to give thanks! From what was said, it appears that this is the holiday that people ‘most cook’ and ‘most eat’. It seems that home-made is favored; and that many mom’s prefer to make the entire meal rather than having grown children bring something in a planned potluck style. My menu hasn’t been decided upon yet, but just listening and talking to others is helping me formulate my plan of action. I must get busy.

Of course I have some friends who are very organized and I admire them greatly! They are already planning their Christmas baking.  Thanksgiving isn’t even past yet.   Oh to be so efficient.

I guess I better run along now and draft a menu for next week — so that I can start thinking of delicious Christmas sweets and savories too. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy taking a walk down memory lane while I look at this picture of the eldest which was taken years ago when he was a budding young cook.

Enjoy preparing for the holiday!

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