Friday, November 5, 2010

God's Care

 A journal entry which shows of  God’s revelation through nature:
I struggled up the steep incline, over another rugged boulder, and around one more hairpin curve, and stopped.  The pristine alpine rock garden that blanketed the craggy mountainside before me took away what was left of my breath.  An angel garden.  Could Heaven be more beautiful?

In the center of the scene, a crystal river-let danced and catapulted.  Along its edges, moss-bedecked rocks were interspersed with magenta monkey flowers and yellow alpine buttercups.  Spreading out on either side, and on up as far as I could see, this ultimate wonderland extended.  I stood spellbound by the exhilarating freshness, the vibrant coloration and virgin beauty of this lush, living tapestry.  Here, on this unsullied peak of Mt. Rainier, God managed to preserve a little of the beauty of the Garden of Eden.  Here, overpopulation and pollution have little effect upon creation.  It comes as if from the hand of the Creator.  Hidden and remote, God saved a little bit of heaven for those who care to seek it out.  God cares!


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