Friday, November 5, 2010

Developmental Psychologist Promotes Delayed Academics

It might seem unusual to mention Dr. Raymond Moore [1916 - 2007] in a listing of educational leaders in history, but his influence upon home education was significant. He has sometimes been called the “grandfather” of homeschooling in America. As a developmental psychologist, his views of education were an application of his research and the opinions of famous educators and/or writers like Piaget, Holt, Elkind, and White. According to the publisher of many of the books he authored, he was successful in bringing together the major disciplines of early learning — the brain, the senses, reason, and social-emotional development — in a way that was both organized and workable. His educational method formed an applied approach to a unique and successful formula for home education. As an early pioneer in the homeschool movement, it was through his influence and effort that homeschooling became legal in all fifty states. He developed what is know as the “Moore Formula” which customized an educational approach to a child’s interests, abilities, and aptitudes. Instead of workbooks or copywork, he emphasized the unit study or projects, both of which facilitated higher levels of learning. His approach advocated an equal time spent in study, work, and service. He was a proponent of delayed academics, even for home education, encouraging parents to delay formal academics until children are 8, 10, even 12 years of age. His research and anecdotal records of successful homeschool families who have used it prove that his approach produces children who are enthusiastic about learning and who have reduced levels of burn-out when compared to children who are traditionally schooled. Students taught using the Moore Formula have been shown to be independent thinkers and strong leaders. They test well academically and are sought after by higher institutions of learning because they are not burned out and are enthusiastic about learning. The service aspects of the Moore approach succeed in developing selfless traits and strong characters. Although the philosophy of Dr. Raymond Moore and the way it is applied to educating students is unique and many time opposes traditional thought regarding education, the result of students schooled with his approach to learning show superior and significant results.

Books authored by Dr. Raymond Moore and his wife, Dorothy are:

Home Spun Schools
Home Style Teaching
Home Grown Kids
Homemade Health
Homebuilt Discipline
Better Late Than Early
School Can Wait
The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook

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