Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lessons from Nature

Spring and summer is a wonderful time to study nature with children.   Picking spring flowers, taking hikes on the hillsides, throwing rocks in a creek, or enjoying newborn animals are opportunities that the season provides.  Each nature experience provides the teacher-parent with object lessons and opportunities to teach lessons in character development, science, applied arts, and more.  

Today's post shares a story about baby goslings.  Do your children like pets and cool dip in a pond on a warm summer day?  If they do, this story will be of interest to them.  It teaches about responsibility and love for God's little creatures.  It's about baby goslings and a young boy's responsibility to care for them.

When the story is over, your children might enjoy this blog post about Brianna, a homeschool girl who has been enjoying her goslings this spring.  She's been trying to think of just the right names for them.  Pictures of her goslings can be seen here and here.  They are really cute!

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