Monday, January 20, 2014

Bless our School

Bless our school, Dear Lord, I pray
And close within it always stay.

Guide us by your Precious Hand
Grant us Truth to understand.

Teach this teacher, make her wise
Give her focused, Spiritual eyes.

And please remind her now and then
That “less than perfect” isn’t sin.

In every lesson of this school
May kindness be the teaching tool.

And when frustration starts to trickle
Reach and give our ribs a tickle!

Bless these students, Lord, I ask
Be their Partner in each task.

Create an appetite for learning
And for knowledge, keep them yearning.

Bless the dad whose hands provide
The tools we need and the place we abide.

Help us remember and never forget
The example of sacrifice he has set.

So much to learn, so much to teach
Bless our school, Lord, bless us each.

I know someday we’ll learn Up There
But for today, Lord, hear my prayer.

By Gwen S@2014

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