Saturday, February 2, 2013

Flubber Fun!

Cabin fever can hit the homeschool family in January. It's a time when family pets and parents feel like nesting in front of a cozy fire! But kids don't usually feel that way. With so much energy, it's a good time to measure and mix in the kitchen. Math skills can be developed while creating recipes for creative and fun play.

Flubber Fun

1 cup Elmer's white glue

1 1/3 cup warm water
food coloring
2 tsp. Borax
2 glass bowls

In one bowl, mix the glue, 2/3 cup warm water, and food coloring together. In the other bowl, mix the Borax with the remaining 2/3 cup warm water. Pour the glue solution into the bowl containing the Borax mixture. Stir until mixed. Then, let mixture rest so that the stretchy flubber can set. 

Enjoy hours of creative fun with your kids!

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